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Conditions Treated
Breast Cancer. Gastroenterological Cancer. Blood Cancer.

Treatment Methods (Cancer Treatments That Improve QOL)

Mastectomy (removal of the breast) has been the standard surgical procedure for breast cancer, however, an increasing number of medical facilities are now providing surgical procedures to preserve the breast. Here at our center. in addition to carrying out breast-conserving surgery as often as possible, we are assertively performing minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, which leaves only small scars and causes little pain. Although this procedure requires an advanced set of skills, it allows us not only to cure cancer, but also to conserve the breast without significant cosmetic alterations, which leads to a greater quality of life (QOL). Also, we have undertaken state-of-the-art breast reconstruction using the patient’s own fat stem cells, and we are proud of our world-leading skills.

We carry out minimally invasive surgery for gastroenterological cancer as well, and perform numerous surgeries such as endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), which enables en bloc resection of the cancer under an endoscope, and endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD), which allows on bloc resection of cancer using a diathermic knife installed at the tip of the endoscope.

For blood cancer, one of the few chemotherapy specialists in Japan and Asia who is also a medical oncologist works at our institution. He is a leading figure in chemotherapy and continues to assertively incorporate cutting-edge methods of chemotherapy that are significantly advancing international treatment standards. Moreover, we annually perform 20-30 bone marrow transplant, peripheral blood transplants and cord blood transplants. Our expertise in these transplants is ranked among the top in Japan. In stem cell transplantation, we carefully maintain room sterility, and the level of our performance results ranks highly on an international level.

Features of Our Center

JCI Accreditation  Trademark

Kameda Medical Center collectively represents our healthcare service facilities, including Kameda General Hospital, Kameda Clinic, Kameda Rehabilitation Hospital, and others. In 2009, the center became the first medical institution in Japan to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), a healthcare facility accreditation service located in the United States. We have been accepting international patients through our International Office, which provides a number of services, from coordinating plans for the patient’s appointment and communicating with his/her health insurance company, to arranging his/her aftercare and answering inquiries regarding visitation and training programs. We receive numerous inquiries from abroad and admit 1200 international patients annually to our facilities and its attractive amenities.

The main feature of cancer treatment at our hospital is that specialists in three major standard therapies for cancer, surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, come together and serve as a collaborative team to provide an appropriate and timely therapy for each patient. Oncologists specializing in different cancers (some of the few specialists in Asia at this point in time) form a highly competent team, carrying out an essential role in our medical team. In addition, capitalizing on our strength as a general hospital, our specialists in each department perform examinations for a comprehensive check-up, and we are able to provide safe and effective treatments for patients who have complications related to heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, and others, as well as aging adults with cancer who are more likely to have such multiple complications.

Furthermore, we have established a urogynecology center a rarity in Asia, which specializes in urogynecological surgery (pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence), where clinical specialists in gynecology, urology, and recto-anal surgery work closely together to provide appropriate diagnoses and therapies.

Treatment Results (2011)

Breast Center
Breast Cancer Surgery 535 cases
Cryotherapy 4 cases
Mainly: Endoscopic Total Mastectomy, Breast Conservation Surgery, Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy 362 cases
Endoscopic Surgery for Breast Reconstruction, Fat Stem Cell Transplants 124 cases
MRI-Guided Mammotome 44 cases
Gastrointestinal Cancer/Polyp
Removal of Early Stage Cancer/ Polyps in Upper Gastrointestinal Tract 204 cases
Removal of Early Stage Cancer/ Polyps in Colon (Large Intestine) 1,032 cases

A Message to International Patients from Our Center

Dr. Takaaki Kameda
Dr. Takaaki Kameda
Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Kameda Medical Center is a general hospital with many specialty departments where each department comes together to serve as a team in order to provide the most appropriate therapy according to each and every patient’ s conditions and needs. JCI is a world leader in improving the quality of healthcare, and we are Japan’ s first hospital to become a JCI-accredited organization. With our high-quality healthcare and amenities, it is our sincere hope that we can accept more international patients and serve them with sensitivity, care, and Japanese hospitality. In addition to our content-rich English and Chinese websites, we have established an International Office, and many patients from China, Korea and the United States have already visited us. We welcome you to experience our superior quality healthcare as well as our beautiful weather and a spectacular view of the Boso Peninsula.

Other Clinical Departments at Our Center

We have 33 clinical departments in various areas, including internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, rehabilitation, outpatient cerebrovascular treatment, and pain management. In each department, we have clinical specialists who can provide highly advanced therapy. We also put our efforts into installing state-of-the-art PET, CT, and MRI machines, and providing high-quality examinations (comprehensive medical check-ups).


External View of Our Center Cafeteria Center Atrium
External View of Our Center Restaurant
The restaurant offers a panoramic view of the ocean surrounding Boso
Center Atrium
The vaulted ceiling provides a spacious, open-air atmosphere.
Patient Room Patient Room  
Patient Room
At K Tower, which opened in 2005, we ensure the privacy of each patient by making all rooms private rooms and introducing state-of-the-art security systems. Our catchphrase – “Always Say YES,” – serves as a philosophy to put our utmost efforts into meeting each and every patient’ s needs. Through the touch panel monitors in the rooms the patients always have access to hospital information, meal selections, and even shopping opportunities.
Hospital Contact Information
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Established 1948
Clinical Departments
Internal Medicine, Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine, Neurology, Pulmonology (Respiratory Disease), Gastroenterology, Cardiovascular Disease, Allergology, Rheumatology, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Neurosurgery. Respiratory Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Dermatology, Urology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology (Ears, Nose, and Throat), Rehabilitation, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Dentistry, Orthodontic Dentistry, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Emergency, Pediatric Dentistry Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Payment Methods
Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, UC, and others)
929 Higashi-cho, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba 296-8602
110 minutes from JR Tokyo Station
to Awa Kamogawa Station
by the Limited Express Wakashio
90 minutes from Narita International Airport and Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) by car