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Conditions Treated
Early and Moderate Cancers among Head and Neck Advanced Cancers and Skull Base Neoplasms (Benign and Malignant); Consultation about Available Treatments for Cancer Patients Judged Difficult to Treat by Other Medical Facilities.

Treatment Methods (Resection -Reconstruction Surgery of Head and Neck Advanced Cancers and Skull Base Neoplasms)

In the head and neck, there are various nerves that control the brain and bio-functions. Therefore, surgery in this area is very difficult and the skill of the surgeon directly affects the result. Worldwide, the number of head and neck surgeons is gradually decreasing, and thus many head and neck cancer cases are now treated by radiation or chemotherapy. However, surgical resection and functional recovery are still desired by many.

The head and neck tumor center of our hospital has a positive attitude toward resectionreconstruction surgery of head and neck tumors, and we have had impressive results in Japan. Our various departments with advanced technologies and rich experience, such as the head and neck surgery department, otorhinolaryngology department, oral surgery department, and plastic surgery department, cooperate as a team to consistently manage cancer resections through to functional recovery, delivering excellent outcomes. Regarding functional recovery in particular, surgery for Asian people should preferably be provided by a medical facility that has good experience with Asians because functional recovery depends on racial differences in skeletal structure and the wound healing process.

Among the parts in the head and neck, the cranial base has a very complicated structure and supports the brain from the bottom center of the skull. All the important nerves and blood vessels going into or coming out of the brain pass through the cranial base, and so tumor resections in this part were considered impossible. Now, however, surgery is possible thanks to progress in surgical methods and equipment. Nonetheless, resections require skill and much experience because they are performed by a sophisticated method, where a gap is created to reach the tumor, bypassing the brain itself to avoid brain damage. Our hospital is one of the few medical facilities that are able to provide this surgery, and we have treated various types of very rare tumors.

Features of Our Hospital

Treatment Results (2010)

Total Number of Head and Neck Surgeries 425 cases
Skull Base Surgeries 38 cases
Malignant Tumors 17 cases
Benign Tumors 21 cases

Our hospital was founded in 2005, based on the university hospital of the International University of Health and Welfare. Since then, we have become known in and outside Japan for offering a wide variety of advanced medical treatments in various fields. Presently, we are broadening our range of cancer medical treatments. With our advanced medical examination and treatment equipment, our staff can operate on tumors in any organs and areas, including the highly important head and neck tumors. Although we are only a medium-sized hospital, we perform more than 3,000 general anesthetic surgeries a year with as many as twelve fulltime anesthesiologists, who ensure advanced, safe surgeries. Each year, we perform more than 400 head and neck surgeries and more than 40 skull base surgeries, putting us among the top in Japan. We have created a systematic, comprehensive medical treatment organization for cancer treatment including not only surgery but also medical examination, chemotherapy, and palliative care. Moreover, our highly-organized medical staff support the treatment both before and after surgery because cancer patients tend to experience complications. We are thus able to provide total support to every patient.

A Message to International Patients from Our Hospital

Dr. Tetsuo Akimoto
Dr. Satoshi Ogawa
Medical Director

Dr. Tetsuichiro Muto
Dr. Shinetsu Kamata
Director of the Head and Neck Tumor Center / Director of the Skull Base Surgery Center

We have been actively preparing to admit international patients in line with the completion of our hospital building scheduled for February 2012. We are improving amenities including in-house signs in various languages, bilingual staff, and a range of hospital food in consideration of the foods of the patients’ countries. We are committed to offering all of our medical treatment expertise to international patients. Our hospital is located in the heart of Tokyo, close to many national embassies and foreign firms. The local people are used to socializing with international visitors, so you need have no anxiety about choosing our location for medical treatment. In case of head and neck tumors, if you have been told by another medical facility that it is difficult to treat your tumor, please do not give up, but consult us.

Other Clinical Departments at Our Hospital

The medical treatments of our hospital are based on the center system. There are eleven centers, which in addition to the head and neck tumor center and the skull base surgery center, include the mammary gland center, the respiratory organ center, the digestive organ center, the spine and spinal cord center, and the cardiovascular center. This center system enables us to cooperate without isolating ourselves from any of the seventeen medical treatment departments, where excellent team-based medical treatments are performed with integrated specialists from specific fields who have abundant experience and solid track records. This enables us to treat a wide range of diseases in any field.


External View of Our Hospital First Floor Hall
External View of Our Hospital First Floor Hall
Hospital Contact Information
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Established 2005
(Founded based on the university hospital of the International University of Health and Welfare)
Clinical Departments
Medical Departments: Internal Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Women’s Tumor/Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry (Forgetfulness and Mental Clinic), Dental Surgery, Anesthesiology, Second Opinion Clinic, Herbal Medicine/Anti-Aging Clinic Center System: Mammary Gland Center, Head and Neck Tumor Center, Skull Base Surgery Center, Respiratory Organ Center, Digestive Organ Center, Preventive Medicine Center, Spine and Spinal Cord Center, Urolithiasis Lithotripsy Center, Dialysis Center, Endoscope Center, Cardiovascular Center
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1-4-3 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8329
5 minutes on foot from the Toei Subway Akabanebashi Station
8 minutes on foot from the Tokyo Metro/Toei Subway Azabujuban Station
12 minutes on foot from the Toei Subway Shibakoen Station
20 minutes on foot from the JR Tamachi Station
25 minutes from Tokyo International Airport
(Haneda Airport) by car
80 minutes from Narita International Airport by car