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Conditions Treated
Localized, Early-Stage Cancer in a Range of Organs (Mainly Gastrointestinal and Breast Cancer).
We are also introducing proton beam therapy, after which we will be able to proactively accept patients with lung, liver, and head and neck cancer.

Treatment Methods (High-Precision Radiotherapy Using TomoTherapy, etc.)

Radiotherapy is a standard cancer therapy that is well established as a form of localized treatment. Today, advanced treatment techniques such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), enable patients to undergo therapy more effectively than ever before, accompanied by fewer side effects. At Aizawa Hospital, we use TomoTherapy to provide high-dimension, high-precision radiotherapy. TomoTherapy is a type of “therapeutic CT” in which the radiation source rotates in a spiral fashion similar to a CT scanner, irradiating only the appropriate site with the appropriate dose. It provides high precision and quality irradiation over a wide area, ranging from a pinpoint to the entire body. Although it is used to treat a variety of solid cancers, it is a localized treatment, and thus only localized, early-stage cancers can be treated solely with this technique. For example, some cases of inoperable early-stage lung cancer have been cured with pinpoint irradiation using TomoTherapy.

In 2013, we are scheduled to begin clinical treatment using the world’s first vertical-layout proton therapy system. This system, which is capable of effectively treating tumor tissue with pinpoint accuracy, will be proactively used in combination with TomoTherapy to treat early-stage cancers formerly regarded as difficult to treat.

Recent advances in cancer treatment also mean that chemotherapy and radiotherapy can now be administered as outpatient treatments. Our hospital, and specifically the Aizawa Comprehensive Cancer Center (ACCC), which was established in 2007 to provide complete multidisciplinary treatment within a single center, is equipped to provide chemotherapy, radiotherapy, palliative care and psycho-oncology in an outpatient setting. The initiative to provide outpatient cancer treatment is a pioneering concept in team medicine.

Features of Our Hospital

Our hospital is a general hospital rooted in the local community. It was first established as Aizawa Clinic in the Meiji period, and now boasts over 100 years of proven results. The hospital formerly focused on high-level emergency medicine, but with increasing numbers of cancer patients, it has recently begun to engage in high-quality, highly integrated cancer treatment.

Rehabilitation focusing on recovery of physical function from the acute phase of stroke is the next most important area of treatment for our hospital. In terms of arm therapy, the perspective has shifted from rehabilitation based on the conventional wisdom of “changing over” hand dominance to approaches that aim to improve the presence and severity of paralysis, and the hospital actively offers treatments such as botox injections in paralyzed areas, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (r-TMS), and mirror therapy. Therapeutic electrical stimulation of the paralyzed side and gait training programs using orthotic devices are achieving similarly good results in relation to improving leg function.

Underlying Conditions of Radiotherapy Patients (Totals)

  FY2007 FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011
Total Number of Treatments 498 4,621 4,964 4,981 5,259
Number of Patients 32 217 231 252 292
Average Number of Treatments 15.6 21.3 21.5 19.8 18.0
Type of Underlying Cancer  
Prostate Cancer 10 74 70 57 77
Breast Cancer 4 48 64 59 52
Lung Cancer 6 33 25 30 32
Esophageal Cancer 3 11 14 14 15
Colorectal Cancer
(Colon, Rectum)
5 13 13 23 33
Pancreatic Cancer 0 3 5 11 11
Stomach Cancer 1 7 4 10 11
Malignant Lymphoma 2 0 4 10 5
Other 1 28 32 38 56

A Message to International Patients from Our Hospital

Dr. Takao Aizawa
Dr. Takao Aizawa

Our hospital is located in Matsumoto City, an international tourist destination and convention site with numerous historic buildings set in a beautiful natural landscape. We hope you will spend time relaxing in this lovely setting while undergoing treatment and we hope it will help you gain the energy and strength needed to face the challenges involved in the next stage of your life’s journey. We believe our fundamental role is to provide patients with this type of appropriate environment. Cancer treatment and rehabilitation both involve teams of professionals who provide therapy tailor-made to individual patients. In cancer treatment in particular, the addition of psycho-oncologists to the outpatient team means that patients can also receive mental health care while attending the hospital for therapy. Of course, inpatient therapy is also an option. We hope that choosing our hospital for treatment will provide you with peace of mind.

Overview of the Treatment Schedule
(Model Case: TomoTherapy for Breast Cancer)

A confirmed diagnosis is required before starting treatment. Eligibility of treatment is determined by the information you provide in advance. After the decision has been made and consultations have been conducted, the date of your arrival in Japan will be decided.

Overview of the Treatment Schedule


External View of Our Hospital Proton therapy will begin in 2013. The World’ s First Vertical-Layout Proton Beam Therapy System Rehabilitation
External View of Our Hospital Proton therapy will begin in 2013. The World’ s First Vertical-Layout
Proton Beam Therapy System
Hospital Contact Information
International Medical Affairs Office
Email: imao@ai-hosp.or.jp
(Email correspondence is also available in English, Chinese and Korean.)
Established 1952
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Payment Methods
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