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Conditions Treated
Ischemic Heart Disease, Valvular Disease, etc.

Treatment Methods (Comprehensive Treatment for Ischemic Heart Disease, Valvuloplasty/Valve Replacement for Elderly Patients)

At Juntendo University Hospital Heart Center, we practice cardiovascular team medicine involving the collaboration of not only internists and surgeons, but also many other medical staff, offering high-quality, comprehensive treatment from initial therapy to rehabilitation based on the principles of sports medicine.

We are able to make the best choice for each individual patient from among the various surgical and medical options used to treat ischemic heart disease. In the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, we are well known for performing off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) surgery, which although difficult, results in a reduced burden on the patient. Dr. Atsushi Amano, one of the world’s most renowned and experienced cardiac surgeons, has performed over 3,300 OPCAB surgeries with some of the best results in the world. He performs minimally invasive, highly curative treatment using long-lasting arterial grafts. The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, directed by Dr. Hiroyuki Daida, performs a large number (500–600) of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures each year, with a high success rate, making it the most effective choice among a variety of devices such as stents and rotablators in accordance with the state of the lesions to be treated.

Of the various types of valvular disease, aortic valve stenosis can be diagnosed at an early stage by cardiac ultrasound, enabling prognosis to be greatly improved by valve replacement. The department is currently attempting to increase safety and effectiveness by using original CT assessment techniques. The number of elderly patients with multiple organ failure has been increasing in recent years, and those at higher risk due to problems in other organs can undergo treatment for those conditions first in collaboration with other departments to lower their risk before valve replacement is carried out. The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine is in the preparatory stages of offering transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), in which a catheter is used to replace the aortic valve in a minimally invasive manner. In cases of aortic root dilation with no valvular abnormality, we proactively performs the David procedure, which conserves the patient’s own valves. It has also long been performing valvuloplasty in cases of mitral valve insufficiency, with impressive long-term results.

Features of Our Center

Numbers of Heart Catheterization Treatments (PCIs) Performed in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Numbers of Heart Catheterization Treatments (PCIs) Performed in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Juntendo, founded in 1838, was the first educational institution to teach Western medicine in Japan in combination with medical institutions, and boasts a long history and tradition dating back over 170 years.

The Departments of Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiovascular Surgery are the oldest specialist departments in Japan, and the Heart Center was formed in 2006 to enable even closer collaboration of two departments, allowing them to offer optimum tests and treatment for each individual patient. A wide range of medical staff are also involved in the formation of specialist teams capable of determining the most efficient treatment strategy from the patient’s standpoint. In addition, patients transfer seamlessly to cardiac rehabilitation after surgery, with the aim of improving long-term prognosis, including secondary prevention.

Our center gathers and shares data on the long-term prognosis of patients, and this information is being utilized in the choice of more appropriate treatment options both today and for the future. A hybrid operating room for joint use by both departments for procedures such as endovascular treatment is currently under construction within the hospital. This will enable the adoption of more collaborative, complementary, and competitive approaches, and is expected to improve the quality of treatment even further. The introduction of robot-assisted surgery is also planned.

Infection control measures and collaboration with other departments are well in hand, with the aim of allowing our center to not only “cure” disorders, but to also increase patient satisfaction by taking factors such as appearance after the surgical scar has healed into account.

Number of Surgical Procedures Performed in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (from the Hospital Website)

  Adults Total
Ischemia Valvular
Aorta Other Total Adults
2007 213 150 128 36 484 99 583
2008 227 189 91 50 564 76 640
2009 190 179 84 49 502 88 590
2010 141 173 104 51 470 110 580
2011 159 203 102 65 529 102 631

* From January 1 to December 31 (All Figures Include Patients Undergoing Multiple Procedures)

A Message to International Patients from Our Center

Dr. Hiroyuki Daida
Dr. Hiroyuki Daida
Director of Heart Center

Dr. Atsushi Amano
Dr. Atsushi Amano
Vice Director of Heart Center

Juntendo's mission lies in the spirit of jin, which means “I exist as you exist, with a heart that is considerate and cherishes others.” At our center, the doctors as well as the nurses, clinical technicians, clerks, and entire staff are aware that they are members of a Heart Team. They are striving both to provide high-quality treatment and to maintain a comfortable therapeutic environment for patients. Our aim is to use our wealth of experience to provide uniformly high-quality treatment, and we hope international patients will continue to choose to undergo comprehensive treatment in our center, not only with a view to the short-term success of treatment, but also to achieve a more comfortable life over the long term.

Overview of the Treatment Schedule (Model Case: Ischemic Heart Disease)

We need information on any medications you are currently taking and your general condition in advance, as well as coronary angiography or CT images, if available.

Overview of the Treatment Schedule


External View of Our Center Dr. Amano During Surgery
External View of Our Center Dr. Amano During Surgery
Established 2006
(Juntendo was founded in 1838)
Clinical Departments
Cardiovascular Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery, Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pain Clinic, Health and Sports Clinic
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Cash, Credit Card (Diners Club, VISA, MasterCard), Debit Card
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Approximately 5 minutes on foot
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