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Cardiovascular Imaging Clinic Iidabashi

Features of Health and Medical Examinations at Our Clinic

Cardiovascular Imaging Clinic Iidabashi is Japan’s first specialized cardiovascular imaging center. We utilize the latest computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to carry out rapid scanning and 3-dimensional (3D) image reconstruction within our own facilities. Our clinic performs around 300 cardiac CTs and 230 cardiovascular MRIs a month, an unparalleled figure, with cardiac MRIs in particular accounting for around 10% of the total number performed in Japan a year. The wealth of knowledge and experience built up through this large number of tests have raised the level of our clinic’s imaging and diagnostic skills still further, leading to even more reliable imaging and accurate diagnosis.

Another feature of this clinic is that 30 minutes after tests are completed, patients have their results explained to them by a specialist physician and can view a 3D image of their own heart in detail. Few institutions are capable of such swift feedback, which can only be achieved thanks to the synergy of advanced skills in the three areas of imaging, image reconstruction, and diagnosis.

If severe stenosis requiring immediate treatment is identified on diagnostic imaging, patients can be immediately referred and transported to a collaborating medical institution. In less urgent cases, such as moderate stenosis, a practical consultation regarding future treatment can be provided should patients so wish.

A Message to Our International Patients

Dr. Masahiro Terashima
Dr. Masahiro Terashima

Our mission is to extend the benefits of the latest and best cardiovascular diagnostic imaging as widely as possible. We hope that many of you will take advantage of the non-invasive, compact, rapid, high-resolution diagnostic imaging we provide. At the end of the test, viewing 3D images of your own heart or brain and having them explained to you by a specialist physician may transform your awareness of your own health. Dr. Terashima, the director, spent 7.5 years at Stanford University in the United States engaged in clinical practice and research on cardiac CT and MRI.

A further advantage is that our clinic is located in Iidabashi, almost in the center of Tokyo, with extremely convenient access from Haneda Airport and Tokyo Station.


External View of Our Hospital Stenotic Lesion of a Coronary Artery as Seen on Cardiac MRI
External View of Our Hospital Stenotic Lesion of a Coronary Artery as Seen on Cardiac MRI
This shows a severely stenotic lesion of the left anterior descending artery in a 55-year-old man discovered in a “cardiovascular examination” through cardiovascular health examination. Cardiovascular health examinations at our clinic utilize cardiac MRI, which does not require the use of contrast medium or radiation exposure, to create a crisp 3D image of the heart. Few facilities worldwide are capable of the reliable use of cardiac MRI to perform 3D cardiovascular imaging.
Hospital Contact Information
Phone (for international visitors):
Email: contact@cviclinic.com
Established 2009
Examination Course
Complete Cardiovascular Examination Cardiac MRI, MRA, Cardiac Ultrasound, Cervical Ultrasound, ECG, Calcium Score, Same-day Video/3D Briefing, Epicardial Fat Measurement (Optional)
Complete Cardiovascular and Brain Examination Complete Cardiovascular Examination plus Brain MRI/MRA and Cervical MRA
Premium Examination Complete Cardiovascular and Brain Examination plus Visceral Fat asurement,
Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), and Blood Tests
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard)


Iidabashi Reeplex B’s 1F, 1-14 Shin-ogawamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0814
5–10 minutes on foot from
the JR/Tokyo Metro/Toei Subway Iidabashi Station
Approximately 40 minutes from
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) by car