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Features of Health and Medical Examinations at Our Clinic

At Nakameguro Digestive Disease Clinic, in addition to conventional pit-pattern diagnosis, we also use magnifying endosocopy to offer the latest nucleus-pattern diagnosis, which is capable of identifying cancer cells (including polyps and precancerous lesions) with an accuracy matching that of pathological diagnosis. Nucleus-pattern diagnosis requires not only the most advanced equipment, but also sophisticated cell staining technology, and can therefore be performed by only a few institutions worldwide. Our director, Dr. Tabuchi, has identified many superficially depressed tumors of the colon that can be difficult to spot, and is known internationally as the researcher who demonstrated that superficially depressed cancers of the colon progress more rapidly than elevated tumors. The sophisticated nature of this endoscopic technology means it is excellent for discovering tiny cancers with a diameter of 3 mm or less. We can examine every area from the esophagus to the colon, and if any small polyps or other lesions are found they can be removed then and there. We also perform painless endoscopic examinations by using endoscopic techniques with intravenous anesthesia, and these examinations have been evaluated positively by many patients due to the lack of associated pain.

Endoscopy and polypectomy take about an hour, but because several hours are needed for the preparatory intestinal lavage, around 6-8 hours are required from start to finish. In addition, in the case of polypectomy in the colon, we recommend an overnight stay after examinations in case any side effects occur.

A Message to Our International Patients

Dr. Masafumi Tabuchi
Dr. Masafumi Tabuchi

Colon cancer, gastric cancer, and esophageal cancer are not fatal diseases, as long as they can be found and removed before symptoms become evident. Japanese techniques for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment are world-leading, and we recommend that if polyps are found they should be actively removed. Japan is at the forefront of the discovery and treatment of superficially depressed tumors, which can be difficult to spot and progress rapidly, as these techniques are as yet insufficiently developed in the United States and Europe.

Our motto is “Make endoscopy easy on patients, and provide the right treatment.” As a small clinic, we can also be flexible about the dates and times of examinations. Please consult us if you would like to undergo endoscopy outside normal clinic hours.


Director Dr. Tabuchi is a leading endoscopist with global acclaim. A Case of Nucleus-Pattern Diagnosis of a Colon Tumor
Director Dr. Tabuchi is a leading endoscopist with global acclaim. In 2010, he was invited by the Chinese Society of Gastroenterology to its regular general meeting (in Beijing), where he gave a lecture entitled “Endoscopic Diagnosis Based on Nuclear Patterns”. A Case of Nucleus-Pattern Diagnosis of a Colon Tumor
A magnifying endoscopy image of early colon cancer with nuclear staining. Many nuclei of cancer cells that increased in size after becoming malignant are seen. Because the nuclei are large and in many pieces, the lesion was diagnosed as cancer.
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Gastrointestinal Examination using Painless Magnifying Endoscopy Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Blood and Urine Examination (Examinations individually selected on account of high-risk diseases, in light of medical history, lifestyle, and physical condition. Tumor markers can also be assessed.)
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