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A Message to International Patients from Our Hospital

Our hospital has many specialists with excellent skills, and we are resolutely establishing new diagnostic procedures and introducing new therapeutic techniques. Many of these are world-first or Asia-first advanced therapeutic techniques, such as the development of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) for the maxillofacial region, comprehensive surgical treatment for jaw deformities or cleft palate in cooperation with the department of plastic surgery, the establishment of a cosmetic dentistry department and an oral rehabilitation department, the application of three-dimensional simulation techniques for prosthetics and dental implants, and the introduction of nearly-invisible orthodontic appliances (the Invisalign method). Furthermore, we have developed a robotic patient for training residents and students, and doctors from all over the world including the Middle East and South America visit our hospital. Our hospital is located in a convenient area, which is 20 minutes away from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) by car.


External View of Our Hospital
External View of Our Hospital Interior View
Hirotaro Maki
Number of Staff Members
Dentists: 554 (including 247 full-time dentists)
Dental Hygienists: 34
Established 1977
Clinical Departments
Orthodontics▼Orthodontic Invisalign and painless early orthodontic therapy Doctor in Charge: Hirotaro Maki
Prosthetic Dentistry▼Treatment of temporomandibular disorders and jaw function disorders, marked dental occlusion collapse, bruxism, etc. Doctor in Charge: Kazumi Baba
Dental Implants▼Dental implants that are considered difficult in other hospitals Doctor in Charge: Masahiko Ozeki
Oral Surgery▼Corrective surgery for jaw deformities, bone grafting in the treatment of cleft palate, impacted tooth extraction, etc. Doctor in Charge: Tatsuo Yoda
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB)


2-1-1 Kitasenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-8515
3 minutes on foot from
Senzoku Station on
the Tokyu Meguro Lin
5 minutes on foot from
Kitasenzoku Station on
the Tokyu Oimachi Line
20 minutes by car from
Tokyo International Airport
(Haneda Airport)
70 minutes by car from
Narita International Airport