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All-Inclusive Service

Comprehensive total service meeting all your support needs, from initial inquiries to follow-up examinations after you return home.

Before Your Trip
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Use online contact form (English is available)

Online contact form

  • Confirmation of symptoms
  • Confirmation of wishes
  • Presentation of candidate medical institutions and acceptance conditions (treatment strategy, cost, schedule, etc.)
  • Confirmation of conditions, selection of medical institution
  • Proxy service and support for procedures necessary when traveling to Japan and receiving treatment
    • Coordination of dates for treatment, surgery, etc.
    • Support with visa applications, airline tickets, accommodation arrangements, etc.
    • Confirmation of payment method
In Japan
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  • Arrangement of airport pickup and transport
Examination and Treatment
  • Interpreter present during examination and treatment
    24-hour multilingual hotline available from Medical Excellence JAPAN
  • Post-treatment report translation service
Back Home
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Return Journey
  • Arrangement of escort and transport to airport if necessary
  • On request, confirmation of treatment course and support for follow-up examination by Japanese medical institution

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