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Launch the multilingual Website of “JAPAN International Hospitals”

November 30th, 2017
Medical Excellence JAPAN

 Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) is promoting the operations to invite international patients, who are living in various countries and seeking high-quality and safe medical services in the world, to hospitals in Japan.

 The system of “Japan International Hospitals (JIH)” is an initiative to provide the useful information on hospitals, which are accepting patients from abroad actively and smoothly. Furthermore, the information on medical travel assistance companies, which are providing various support services to them, is provided, too.

 This time, MEJ launched the multilingual Website “JAPAN Hospital Search”.
 Please use this site.

Japan International Hospitals (JIH):

JIH system is an initiative to provide the information useful to international patients who are living in various countries, on hospitals in Japan where they may receive medical services, and information on travel assistances to help them. It is not easy for them to seek the information on hospitals in Japan that provide appropriate medical services according to their symptoms, conditions, and diseases. To solve these problems, the Japanese government published the guidelines for developing an environment where international patients can receive medical services in Japan. The guidelines prescribe the requirements to be met by hospitals that actively accept international patients. The guidelines also prescribe the requirements to accredit medical travel assistance companies that provide high-quality and comprehensive services to international patients.

As a certification body prescribed in the guidelines, MEJ established the criteria for assessing a hospital from aspects of not only the quality and safety of medical services, but also system and efforts of hospital to accept international patients, and then recommends the hospital that has met the criteria. MEJ also launched the Website “JAPAN Hospital Search” to provide the list of recommended hospitals and information of each hospital on medical care, health check-ups, and medical examinations to be provided to international patients. This website provides the function to find hospitals which have clinical services and departments to accept international patients with specified diseases and to show an overview of each hospital and the details of its clinical services and departments.